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What is the main activity of the company?

We deal with Forex trading and also we act as an international creditor, loan provider to large companies and international organizations. Our clients invest in our investment plans, and we use their funds for providing income.

Who can become your investor?

Investment is available for every adult person who has registered on the site. It is quite easy to do by fulfilling a registration form.

What is needed to become investing?

For this, you need to get registered on the site, choose one or several investment plans and make your first deposit.

In what currency can I deposit?

On the site are available the following payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

How many accounts can I have?

A user can have only one account. Administration of the site has a right to ban any additional account with all the money on a balance.

What if I can't enter my account?

Check the spelling of the entered data. If it doesn't help, use a password recovery form or contact our support service.

How can I contact support service?

Fill in the form and our support consultant will contact you as soon as it is possible.

How to make a deposit?

Choose a suitable investment plan, click 'Invest', choose a payment system, deposit amount and confirm the transaction.

What is the deposit amount?

You can deposit absolutely any amount ranging from 10 USD to 10,000 USD.

Can I reinvest my income?

Yes, this function is available for everyone.

What is cumulative part?

All the investment plans have a cumulative function. The volume of the cumulative part of your income is determined by conditions of a particular investment plan. For every newly opened deposit is formed the corresponding cumulative part equal to a percentage of the investor's deposit. This is a nice little additional bonus to the main investment profits.

Can I invest without a deposit?

Form your investment using income from participating in our referral, representative, and career programs.

Is there any risk to lose money?

The risk always exists as in any other business sphere. Our experts always monitor market trends, analyze currency rates and forecast their changes in order to minimize risks and get maximum profits.

How many investment plans can I use?

You can use one or several investment plans at the same time.

What investment plan is it better to choose?

Choose that plan which suits your preferences, goals, and budget. Each of the investment plans is particularly profitable and means the minimum risks. In order to determine the needed amount for investment, you can use a calculator of income. It will help you to identify the exact amount of income provided investing a certain amount in a particular investment plan or will show the amount of money which is needed for having a certain income rate.

On what e-wallet will be money transferred?

The money will be transferred to that payment system from which was made a deposit. An address has to be entered in account settings.

In what currency can I withdraw money?

In the currency of the deposit.

What is the withdrawn type on the site?

A manual type, by the request.

In how much time will money reach my e-wallet?

Generally, the operation is conducted immediately the request. According to the reglament, the payment can be conducted during 24 hours.

What is the minimal withdraw amount?

You can withdraw any amount but not less than 0.001 Bitcoin or 1 USD.

What if money don't get to my e-wallet for a long time?

Contact our support service. Our specialists will do their best in order to solve your issue as soon as it is possible.

How often can I withdraw money?

Withdrawal operations are available every day at any time.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, on the site is available a five-level referral program: 7% of every new investor's deposit amount at the first level, also 2% at the second and 1% at the third levels of the program.

Who can participate in the referral program?

Participation is accepted for every registered user.

How many referral links can I have?

Every user gets only one referral link. Changing it or having several ones are not allowed.

Can I withdraw my referral income?

Yes, you can regularly withdraw your referral income or form it into investments.

Is participating in the referral program required?

The referral link is always given to every user, but you don't have to participate in the program.

What is representative program?

A representative is a person who helps new investors to understand our platform and consults them in different questions. Participate in our representative program and get maximized passive income equal to 8% of the first level investors and also 3% and 1% of those who were invited by your direct partners.

What is representative program?

A representative is a person who helps new investors to understand our platform and consults them in different questions. Participate in our representative program and get maximized passive income equal to 8% of the first level investors and also 3% and 1% of those who were invited by your direct partners.

What is career program?

Under this program, a user has a chance to receive the maximum income and some additional bonuses which depend on the got level. The higher is the level ' the higher is the income rate. Totally, the program considers 10 levels each of which can be reached after completing all the requirements.

How to higher the level?

To do this, a user has to make a deposit for a certain amount. Also, his or her core and side teams have to make deposits equal to a particular amount which is required by the rules of the career program.

Is there a bonus for reaching the higher level?

Yes, for getting the higher level, besides the basic income of your team, you will be provided with a reward as 'a bonus for activity'. The bonus is charged at the beginning of each month for the general turnover of the personally invited partners from the first line of yours. The amount depends on the reached level.

What is core team?

The members of the core team are all the invite investors whose personal deposits or a structure turnover are higher than other teams members. This means that the member of your core team becomes a referral who together with his/her structure has provided the largest turnover.

What is side team?

The members of the side team are all the investors from the 1st line whose personal deposits or the structure turnover are lower than your core team members'.

When will I get the bonus?

The bonus is paid regularly on the 1st day of the month. Even if the user entered the platform on the 30th, nevertheless, this investor receives a bonus on the 1st of the next month, provided that all the career program requirements had been met.

What if two or more teams have the equal investment amount?

If a core team referral has deposited the same amount as one or several members of the side team, then the system works by the same principle.

What if the side team rapidly increases its structure which is higher than other teams'?

If your side team member has led a referral, that means personal leading a user within the first line, and this new user deposited an amount which made the total side team turnover higher than core team's one, then this new user joins your core team and that who was shifted goes to the side team.

What means amount and from what structure level is it considered?

It is a total investments amount summed up with the first line member's deposit and his/her structure up to the 10th level.

Can the amount decrease?

No, the total structure turnover can't decrease even if the deposit is not active.